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Heart Receiving Center

STEMI Receiving Center

Đài xổ số miền bắcPIH Health Whittier Hospital is among a select group of hospitals designated as a STEMI (ST Elevated Myocardial Infarction) Receiving Center for Los Angeles County. STEMI Receiving Centers improve the speed and quality of lifesaving care for people experiencing heart attacks.

Chest Pain & Heart Attack Response

From the time we’re notified that you’re coming in with chest pain, we spring into action, coordinating the resources of our team and preparing our cardiac catheterization lab for your arrival. We offer percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), a lifesaving procedure to stop a heart attack in its tracks, enabling us to beat the American Heart Association’s 90-minute standard for opening a blockage.

Đài xổ số miền bắcWe also offer therapeutic hypothermia, a cooling treatment used to preserve brain cells following a cardiac arrest. Our rapid response and the availability of PCI 24/7 are key to stopping a heart attack and preventing additional complications.

See the symptoms of heart attack.

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