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Screenings for Cancer

Every moment delayed could mean a moment missed

Where to get Cancer Screenings

PIH Health offers screening programs to help detect the most common types of cancer: breast, colon and lung cancers. Cervical cancer screening and annual wellness visits shouldn't be overlooked either. Early detection of cancer saves lives.

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Bonnie Cairns is a breast cancer survivor. There was no history of cancer in her family so it was a shock when she went for a routine mammogram screening. To read Bonnie's story, click here.

Types of Cancer Screenings

Patient asking about screenings for cancer and different types of cancer screenings

Breast: Mammogram

Downey and Whittier: 562.906.5692

Breast cancer screenings should begin at age 40 and occur annually for women.

Colon: Colonoscopy

Colon Cancer Prevention Program: 562.967.2656

Đài xổ số miền bắcA colonoscopy is the preferred method for colon cancer screening and the only method that may actually prevent cancer. Other tests only detect if cancer is already present. Men and women should begin colon cancer screening at age 50. For those with a family history, you may need to be screened earlier.

Lung: CT Scan

PIH Health Lung Cancer Screening Program: 562.967.2892

Lung cancer screening is for both men and women who currently smoke or have a history of smoking and can be done annually.

Cervical: Pap Smear (Women's Health)

Cervical Cancer Screening: 562.967.2876

An annual pap smear should begin at age 21 for women and occur every third year.

Wellness Visit: Physical

Annual Wellness Visit: 562.967.2880

Wellness visits should occur annually for both men and women with a Primary Care Physician (PCP). If you need a PCP, visit and search Family Medicine or Internal Medicine. Wellness visits should begin at age 21 and continue every year.

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